After Caravan Rushes Border, Trump Delivers New Order To Military

Democrats thought Donald wouldn’t dare after the shutdown – here it comes. Thanks to the Democrats—both within our border and without—the caravans keep coming. We said this would happen months ago. When migrants see they can force their way through—with no wall to stop them—they’ll keep coming. The latest group has swelled to around 12,000. […]

Omar’s Hatred Of Israel & America Erupts Into ‘Full-Scale Brawl,’ Pelosi Freaks Out

Rep. Ilhan Omar caused a “full-scale brawl” during a closed-door meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats on Wednesday afternoon. The Minnesota Congresswoman’s hatred of Israel and America is now catching up with her as she refused to sign a resolution condemning her anti-Semitic remarks. The meeting erupted into a “free-for-all” and Pelosi lost […]

Joe Leiberman Comes Forward, Puts Ilhan Omar On Notice With Brutal Statement

Former Connecticut Senator and 2000 Vice Presidential nominee for the Democrats Joe Lieberman just came forward and put Ilhan Omar on notice after her anti-semitic comments. Ilhan Omar has done a great job of dividing the Democratic party and everything is just chaos right now. If they don’t be cautious of what they’re next move […]

Trump About To Drop Presidential Hammer On Obama For Attempting To Overtake Investigation

The Obama administration tried to take over the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign, according to The Hill’s John Solomon. Solomon claims that the FBI began spying on members of the Trump campaign to gather the intelligence that ultimately justified the collusion investigation, weeks or even months before the FBI had a formal predicate. Solomon […]

Report: Hundreds Of Sealed Indictments Await High Ranking Democrats With New Trump EO

Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are about to learn that when you take a shot at Donald Trump you better not miss. Hit Trump and he hits back harder. Trump has bide his time waiting for the political winds to shift and now the shit is about to hit the fan. The first […]

SOMEONE DID IT: Liberal Matt Damon plans to leave US for Australia to get away from Trump

Drum roll, please… The first celebrity in Trump’s America to leave the states is … Matt Damon. Damon is reportedly packing up his family and heading to Australia because he’s had enough of President Donald Trump and his administration. The 47-year-old actor reportedly purchased a new property in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph reported although […]

Trump Farmer Plows BIG Message Into His Field, Chuck & Nancy Won’t Like THIS

I love Americans! So many are not shy in the least when they want to show what they think of the government shutdown, the border wall, and Democrats such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. For instance, a 78-year-old farmer from North Dakota got royally fed up with what Schumer and Pelosi were spouting on […]

Robert De Niro issues warning to Donald Trump supporters

Robert De Niro was the first guest on the premiere of The Alec Baldwin Show on ABC. While there, he expressed concern for the many Republican politicians who continue to support Donald Trump in spite of the things he has said and done. De Niro said, “Many of these people who are tied to Trump are going to be tainted for the […]