Obama’s Top Advisor Indicted, Charged – Barr Leaves Democrats In Shambles

Mueller’s investigation backfired on Democrats – and here’s the first domino! Since Mueller’s report has come out, America is learning who was really colluding. Not Republicans. The Democrats. Now the tables are finally starting to turn. Are you ready to see the first guy to take a fall for Obama? They pulled out all the […]

Democrat Lawmaker And Daughter Caught – Both Are Facing Federal Wire Charges

Why is it that whenever we turn over a rock, we find Democrats embroiled in some scandal? Today we’ve learned that yet another child of a liberal politician was cashing in on their parent’s job. The left, including their allies in the media, have constantly accused Donald Trump and his children of corruption. Daily they […]

Social Security Audit Uncovers Problems – Over $1Bn Paid Out To People With No SSN

There is a reason so many Americans support Trump’s plan to drain the swamp. And this report is one of them! Big government takes our money and runs away with it. There is very little accountability for these government agencies. They are given billions. But who is watching them? Where is the money going? It’s […]

After Schiff Sends Trump His Wish List – White House Sends Back A Big Pile Of Coal

Adam didn’t think Donald would dare – here it comes! Democrats haven’t learned a thing. Don’t mess with Trump. They banked on taking down the president over a whistleblower’s complaint. But Trump turned the tables on them when he released the transcript. Democrats know they got nothing, but they keep up this charade. Adam Schiff […]

After 4 Officers Shot, Furious Police Union Pres. Sends Unmistakable Message to Antifa

Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner called on the mayor to let officers do their jobs during protests. Portland, OR – After violent antifa protesters sent police and citizens to the hospital on Saturday in downtown Portland, the head of the Portland police union has called on the mayor to “remove the handcuffs from our […]

Jussie Smollett’s Bosses At Fox Drop The Hammer

Fox’s drama series “Empire” is distancing itself from headline-making cast member Jussie Smollett after he was arrested on suspicion of a felony in the matter of his faked attack. According to Page Six, Smollett has been removed altogether from the final two episodes of the current season of the show. “The events of the past […]

Charlie Daniels: Issues Dire Warning Alarm About Pelosi and Schumer

In a commentary piece, Charlie Daniels declared, “The degree that the Schumer and Pelosi-led Democrats will go to prevent Donald Trump from having the promised wall is truly disgusting and appalling.” The degree that the Schumer and Pelosi-led Democrats will go to prevent Donald Trump from having the promised wall is truly disgusting and appalling. […]

Adviser Under Former Presidents Obama and Clinton Commits Suicide

Alan Krueger, 58, died on Saturday. Krueger’s family released a statement: “It is with tremendous sadness we share that Professor Alan B. Krueger, beloved husband, father, son, brother, and Princeton professor of economics, took his own life over the weekend. The family requests the time and space to grieve and remember him. In lieu of […]

Sarah Sanders Slaps Back Hard At Former First Lady – ‘Your Husband Signed The Law’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been having a difficult time with the press recently. Immigration has been a hot-button issue and journalists and reporters alike have been going to the communications department in the White House looking for answers regarding what is happening. Recently, a press briefing devolved into a conversation and […]