It’s obvious that Americans are worried about the coronavirus—but Hillary doesn’t seem to know that.

Based on the numbers, America currently has the most infections in the world (although China might not be totally honest about their numbers).

We don’t have the highest rates per capita. And the mortality rate in this country is much lower than others.

But Crooked Hillary thought this was a good chance to make a joke.

From Twitter:

He did promise “America First.”

Ah, once again the crooked elitists are taking shots as Americans suffer.

Hillary mocked Trump with her tasteless joke. Instead of trying to help, she’s just piling it on.

But why should she help, right? She only cares about “protecting our democracy” as it says on her Twitter account.

Instead of encouraging others, or informing the public about how to stay safe, she takes cheap shots.

How do you think Hillary Clinton would handle this crisis if she was president? Remember, this is the woman who went to sleep during Benghazi.

When asked about it, she infamously said, “What difference does it make?”

Would she be doing that now, as president?

“Madame President, why didn’t you close the border to China to prevent the spread of infection?”

“What difference does it make!?”

Yeah, something tells me Clinton would not be handling this crisis well. Who knows how worse off we would be, if she was in the White House?

But like so many others among the liberal elite, she doesn’t seem to care how America is hurting.

She makes jokes while people are forced out of work.

This situation won’t hurt her in the slightest. The rest of us? Our lives have already been turned upside down.

Maybe Crooked Hillary should keep her “jokes” to herself.

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Source: Twitter

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