NEW REPORT: After Democrats Block Another Relief Bill – Pelosi Wants To Add Her Special Interest Regulations

Every time we turn around, it feels like Democrats are getting in the way of relief for America. Maybe that’s just my perception as a concerned citizen. But Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just moved to block the latest relief bill. And even worse, the Treasury is requesting more […]

BOOM: Trump Blames Pelosi And Schumer For Job Losses – Then Orders Them To Stop Their ‘Endless Vacation,’ Pass Legislation

You better believe Trump is fed up. Over a week ago he requested funds to keep small businesses alive. Pelosi and Schumer refused. They blocked needed legislation to replenish the program. And now the job losses are piling up. President Trump thinks 20 million unemployed is unacceptable. Now, he’s dropping the gauntlet on these do-nothing Dems. […]

REPORT: Adam Schiff And 2 Democrat Senators Take The Plunge – They’re Officially Demanding Investigation Into Trump Administration Response

Let’s face it, we knew the Democrats would look for a chance to attack President Trump during this crisis. But we didn’t expect them to move so soon. The country continues to reel from the pandemic. Millions of Americans are suffering—both medically and financially. But what is Adam Schiff doing? Putting together a new investigation. […]

REPORT: Hours After Pelosi Launches Investigation Committee – Trump Turns The Tables: “Here We Go Again”

We should not be hearing about political games right now in America, more than any time in our history. So what is going on in Washington? Nancy Pelosi has set up a committee in the House with subpoena power to investigate how the Trump administration is responding to this critical situation. That’s just great. While […]