REPORT: Pelosi’s “SALT Shakeup” Stimulus Bill Slips Out – And It Looks Like Nancy Wants Her Own Tax Break

Americans are in real need right now, and almost everyone agrees we need big relief bills to stem the damage. And it looks like Nancy Pelosi is doing everything she can to make sure this crisis doesn’t go to waste. Already she got $25 million for the Kennedy Center and many other goodies for unions […]

BREAKING: America Is Already Making China Pay – New Report Shows American Manufacturers Are Fleeing China

The trade war with China has brought about many changes in America and abroad. President Trump made it a key issue in his administration to make sure that China no longer got to impose large tariffs on the US, without us doing the same back to them. He was tired of letting China walk all […]

REPORT: Obama Still Hasn’t Endorsed Biden Yet – And Trump Says It’s Because “He Knows Something That You Don’t Know”

Now that Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, it seems clear: Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee for President. But there remains an interesting wrinkle — Barack Obama has not publicly endorsed his former Vice President. Why not? Politicians and Americans have wondered why. I mean, many would assume Obama would support Biden, but […]

Liberals ‘Devastated’ After Man Takes Knife to Anti-Trump Balloon at Alabama Football Game

The demise of the balloon was a blow to the organizers of the anti-Trump protest, which was held not far from the university. Donors contributed $7,882 to bring Baby Trump roughly a mile from Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium for the Alabama-LSU game. The rental cost $4,500, and the surplus went to the Equal Justice Initiative. Global […]

VIDEO: KY Gov Bevin Won’t Concede, Says “There Have Been More than a Few Irregularities”

Kentucky’s Republican Governor Matt Bevin is not conceding the race despite some news outlets declaring Democrat Beshear the apparent winner. Bevin said “We know for a fact there have been more than a few irregularities, they are very well corroborated.” Per MSN, NBC News called it a Beshear victory, as did a Lexington, Kentucky, TV […]

Dean Martin’s Daughter Blasts John Legend Over “Woke” Remake of Her Father’s Hit

Dean Martin’s daughter is not a fan of John Legend’s “woke” version of her father’s classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” The new lyrics have been called “ridiculous” by Sharon Osbourne. “I really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside) I’ve gotta go away (I can call you a ride) This evening has been (so glad that […]

Franklin Graham calls on nation to pray for Trump as impeachment effort gains speed

Evangelist Franklin Graham is asking the nation to pray for President Trump as the impeachment inquiry continues, accompanied by nonstop media coverage. “This is a sad day for America,” Mr. Graham said in a statement shared on social media. “Our politics in this country has hit a new low. Nancy Pelosi and her followers in […]

Supreme Court Rules Muslims can’t use The Quran for Swearing into Federal Office

In a huge victory for Christians everywhere. The Koran has been deemed an invalid and potentially illegal use of a “religious” manuscript. Although Jesus taught his disciples to avoid making judgements of others with different faiths he didn’t know that these Islamic worshipers were going to be burning people alive! Diabetes Will Kill You (Do […]

Drag queen performs ‘abortion’ on stage with fake blood and guts and a plastic foetus – and Christians are raging

A few people pick to go as a creepy vampire, others envelop themselves by bathroom tissue and go as a zombie for Halloween. A few, as New York-based drag sovereign Blair Back, go as a “zombie savage” for Halloween, complete with pools of phony blood, spluttered guts and a plastic baby. The entertainer transferred a […]

Oslo Police Declare “We Have Lost the City”…Islam Has Taken Over

Cops Takes A Ten Year Look At Rape Violence In Oslo Grønland, an area in the city of Oslo that is said to have “prophetically calamitous dimension of socially improved viciousness.” It is just two metro prevents from the Parliament, one prevent from the Central Station, and genuinely near the administration workplaces that were bombarded […]