Last week, Trump’s team requested more funds from Congress to help small businesses. These funds would help them stay open—paying employees—during this crisis.

What did Democrats do? Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, they delayed the passage of a bill. They actually wanted it bigger but claimed the small business funds would not run out for a while, so they had time to negotiate.

Guess what happened days later? The funds ran out.

From CBS News:

A key piece of the federal government’s stimulus efforts to help small businesses and their employees has run out of money, shutting out thousands of potential borrowers who were seeking aid amidst the coronavirus-driven economic plunge.

It’s amazing how short-sighted Democrats are. Obama depleted our stockpile of emergency medical supplies and never refilled it.

I guess he thought the country would never face a health crisis again?

Pelosi and her party are just as idiotic. They refused to replenish this lifeline. Can’t they do math?

Yet as small businesses face permanent closure, Nance made a video celebrating her party’s habitual incompetence.

From Daily Wire:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been doing a round of interviews from her San Francisco, California, home over the past 24 hours, celebrating Democrats’ “victory” over Senate Republicans, blocking an emergency extension to the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses suffering under coronavirus lockdowns — a program that is slated to run out of money as early as Friday.

That’s right. As Americans struggle to make ends meet, Nancy was eating ice cream, praising her party for blocking the bill.

A bill that could have saved countless businesses was blocked by Nance and her goons. She went on to congratulate them.

Why? Because they were successful at blocking Trump and the GOP. That’s all she and her party cares about these days.

She doesn’t care about how many Americans suffering from state-mandated shutdowns.

She doesn’t care how this “quarantine” is ruining businesses and upending millions of lives.

No, she’s just fine in her expensive home—sheltered from the reality of this catastrophe.

Meanwhile, she laughs and praises her party.

I once thought Democrats might, given enough pressure, could see the light. But they won’t. They don’t care if our country’s flushed down the toilet.

They don’t deserve to lead.

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Source: CBS News, Daily Wire


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