The United States has been battling a crisis for over a month. But what has the mainstream media been up to? Trying to find new ways of blaming this problem on the president.

From the day this pandemic became a pressing issue, the media has tried to paint Trump as slow to respond. Or to say that he “downplayed” the threat for months, as others warned of the danger.

But the president put them in their place with one, fell swoop. During a recent press briefing, the president forced the media to watch their own statements about the crisis early on.

From Twitter:

President Trump just played a montage of the media downplaying the Coronavirus in the White House Briefing Room

What a Savage

Woah. President Trump played a video that revealed how it was the media who downplayed or outright dismissed the danger of the virus in February and March.

As cases in the U.S. began to rise, the media echoed the sentiments of Democrat leaders that it wasn’t much of a big deal.

It wasn’t until Italy that our media suddenly decided to take the virus seriously. By then, Trump had already closed the border to China and assembled his task force. That task force has been addressing the issue, since late January.

Not only that, but Trump’s video highlighted how Democrat governors thanked Trump for his assistance. Liberals like California Governor Gavin Newsom and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have praised Trump for his support.

Numerous state leaders have frequently applauded Trump and his team for their nearly 24/7 support.

Some have even said that “everything” they requested of the president, he’s delivered.

So… who really dropped the ball during this crisis?

The media has spent weeks, months really, trying to make Trump out to be the villain. But they don’t have any leg to stand on.

Trump took unprecedented steps to protect our nation. He closed the border to prevent widespread infection.

He got the FDA to cut through red tape to accelerate approval in record time.

And he’s been providing support to states and small businesses.

How can anyone say his response has been slow or lacking?

What has really been lacking? The way the MSM has been reporting on this crisis. They have tried to make it seem as bad as possible.

Not to keep us informed, but to hurt the president. They seemed more concerned with scoring political points than making sure Americans are healthy and safe.

An election is coming up, after all. I guess that’s more important to liberal media outlets than defeating a disease.

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